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 You love your pet. Yet life has happened. Maybe it's a change in employment or the need to move and now you can't provide the care you used to. We want to help you ensure your pet gets properly looked after during this bumpy stretch you're on.


Give yourself plenty of time

Start early. Make plans for your pet's future if you suspect major events are coming.

Make sure your pet's vet care is up to date. By knowing what's normal with your pet, you can catch impending health concerns early, saving expensive medical care. Talk to your vet about routine vaccinations. Some can be administered every couple of years instead of annually. Still others can be cut back to the basics. Work with your vet to decide what's best for your pet. 

Stock up on pet care products when they come on sale. Invest in quality, gently used equipment instead of buying new.


Finding another home

When simple cost-cutting isn't enough, you may be faced with finding another home for your pet.

Start looking at options as soon as you can. Giving yourself plenty of time to work out details is one of the best things you can do for your peace of mind and your pet's welfare.

Demand on animal shelters is extremely high, and there is often little room for newcomers. Can you find an alternative option?

Take good notes of your pet's size, health and personality. How is he around other animals? Kids? Does he like lots of exercise or is he happiest spending the day on the couch?  Knowing these things will help you find a suitable home.

Is there a family member or friend who would be able to care for your cat temporarily? Pass the word around at work to see if there is a coworker who might enjoy a new pet. Do the same at church, and with your sports team. Some times the best matches come from the most unexpected places!


 Take your time, check out potential homes thoroughly and know you are doing the best for your furry friend. Good luck!



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