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Livestock feed and supplies

Les aliments du bétailet des fournitures



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Hay for sale

Tip: Feed store bulletin boards are also a good source of leads for hay, bedding and other supplies.

Before you buy: Six tips on getting quality hay             Storing hay and feed to maintain quality



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How much does a horse eat?


Horses require up to two per cent of their body weight in quality hay or forage per day. That works out to 20 pounds/4.5 kg of hay per 1,000 pounds/453 kg of body weight. Cold weather calls for increasing that amount by 10 to 15 per cent to allow them to stay warm.

A "square bale" of good hay ranges from 50 to 100 pounds/ 23 kg to 45 kg each, while the larger round bales are approximately 1200 pounds/544 kg each.



A healthy horse drinks an average of 15 gallons/ 60 litres of fresh water per day. During hot weather, heavy exercise or for nursing mothers, these amounts can double.





Bedding for sale


Before you buy: Alternative bedding materials


Maritime Hay, Feed and Stall Bedding Network on Facebook


HJ Crabbe and Sons, Bristol    (506) 392-5563   wood shavings

Neil Hallett and Sons                 (506) 375-4748


Royal Wood Shavings, Quebec

RB Tripp Ltd, Halifax   wood shavings






Oats and supplemental feed


Havelock Feed, 32 Back St, Havelock                                                   (506) 534-2266


J&P Farm Supplies, Park Street, Sussex                                           (506) 433-4590





Hay/straw vendors


The Hay Exchange

The Hay Barn

Neil Hallett and Sons                 (506) 375-4748

Maritime Hay, Feed and Stall Bedding Network on Facebook 

Sussex and Studholm Agricultural Society                 432-1824 feed store

25 Union Street, Sussex 


Shur-Gain Feeds ‘N Needs               1-800-561-4246 or 432-4200

170 Stewart Ave, Sussex (Industrial Park, across from Barbour Foods)


Shur-Gain Feeds ‘N Needs                     (506) 324-9103

389 Connell Ave, Woodstock, NB E7M 5G9 (Near the Trans Canada Highway)









Horse resources


Atlantic Horse and Pony magazine

The Horse Magazine


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The NBSPCA Equine Rescue Fund helps pay for the feed and veterinary treatment of horses and ponies in our care. This care depends on the support and donations of horse fans like you!

When you would like to help with this important work, please make a donation through the Canada Gives button on the web site. Donations of all sizes are welcome. You get an immediate tax receipt for gifts of $10 or more, and your money gets straight to work helping horses in need!


A $10 donation buys:

A curry comb or four bales of hay, (that's enough to feed a horse for a week)

A $20 gift provides:

A horse halter, or a water bucket or a bag of oats (enough to feed a horse for approximately two weeks)

Your $50 donation buys:

A visit from a farrier to trim and care for a horse's hooves
A bucket of vitamins, helping a malnourished horse regain weight

A month's worth of hay for one horse