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Crafting for Critters 


Artisanat pour les animaux



Kids, have some fun crafting for your critters this summer with these stylin' ideas. You get to express your creativity and you are helping keep your pet safe and healthy. How cool is that?

Tag is it!

Make a pet ID tag from a metal or plastic disk the size of a loonie for a dog, or the size of a quarter for a cat. Make one in your favourite colour or have fun choosing a great shape such as a diamond or a dog bone!

Ask an adult to help you punch a hole in the top with a nail. Write on a plastic tag with permanent marker, or get an adult to help you etch a metal one with a nail, your last name and telephone number. Then attach your stylin' new tag to your pet's collar. It's a great addition to his look and will be a big help in bringing him home if he gets loose!

A tote for Toto

A day at the beach or park is even more fun when your dog goes with you!

Why not make up a dog day kit so he is ready for any time you head out the door for some great summer fun? Decorate a tote bag with your dog's name, as well as some fun pictures and colours. Then fill it with supplies such as an old bath towel (ask an adult for one), a water bowl, a one-litre water bottle, a spare leash, and of course, dog treats! Throw in a couple of plastic bags to clean up any messes, your veterinarian's phone number, and your pet is good to go when you are. Just fill the water bottle when you grab Toto's tote bag on the way out the door!

Put your pet in the Spot-light!

Grab your camera and snap lots of photos of your pet! Get them from the front, both sides and from the back. Get them close up and get a friend to take a few with you and your pet together. Download them onto your computer and they will be ready to help you bring your pet home quickly and safely should he go missing. They will also be great momentos of fun times together.